zondag 26 oktober 2014

ZachtAardig Vilt in Happinez magazine

Felted Pelts - made by Annalies van Eerde (ZachtAardig.nl)

Annalies van Eerde is (Dutch Felt Designer) is specialised in felting rare and undyed woolspecies from Europe. Instead of using the coat of a dead sheep, She only uses the wool from sheperds she receives after the sheeps have been shaved. She cleans, combs and cards the wool by using hot water and organic soaps. Because of this routine, which is based on Mongolian felt traditions, the wool is starting to felt; the fibers are becoming one big piece. 
The collection of Annalies is just wonderful and with lots of different kinds of qualities and colors, it’s hard to choose which one is your favorite..! The felts are big, warm and just imagine you have a big, bright living room, these felts would look amazing!
Maybe you already saw it on our facebookpage or instagram, but we’re very happy we’re representing Eco Felts in our Pop-Up Store

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